The ColorChecker Considered Mostly Harmless

This post will be about colour rendition charts, e.g. X-Rite ColorChecker Classic, their usage and its dangers. It was a long time coming and some discussions accelerated the authoring. If you are in a hurry and do not want to read the entire post, the TLDR is as follows:

Unless you have all the relevant spectral measurements, a colour rendition chart should not be used to perform colour-correction of camera imagery but only for white balancing and relative exposure adjustments.

There is granularity in everything, and we will present, in the conclusion, some contexts when performing colour-correction is a good idea.

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Physical Lighting Quantities: Tying Both Ends

Validation against ground truth data is an important step when implementing support for physical lighting quantities in a realtime or offline renderer.

In this post, a simple but effective method to assess that the physical camera model behaves as expected against ground truth data (or conversely) will be presented.

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PyCharm, Vagrant, Ansible & Poetry


This post is an update to the PyCharm, Vagrant, Fabric & Anaconda post.

Installing the whole development toolchain for Colour roughly means deploying:

I decided to see how I could make that setup a bit more portable and easier to deploy.

That's where Vagrant kicks in along PyCharm, Ansible and Poetry!

The following guide assume that you have that you have PyCharm installed and are using macOS, although it should pretty much be platform agnostic.

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