Colour 0.4.2 is available!

We are pleased to announce that Colour 0.4.2 has been released earlier this week!

This release implements support for Python 3.11. It includes the remaining contributions of the GSoC 2021 work from Cédric (@villirion).

New RGB colourspaces, transfer functions, colour models and colour appearance models have been added. Various performance improvements have been implemented.

We would like to especially thanks Tucker Downs (@tjdcs) for his recent contributions.

With this release, the minimum Python version is 3.9 and the following scientific packages minimum versions are required:

The highlights of this release are as follows:

  • Jiang et al. (2013) camera RGB sensitivities recovery.

  • New colour appearance models:

    • Hellwig and Fairchild (2022) colour appearance model.

    • CIECAM16 colour appearance model.

  • New colour models:

    • Munish Ragoo and Farup (2021) Optimised IPT colourspace.

  • New RGB colourspaces and transfer functions:

    • Leica L-Log log encodings.

    • ARRI Wide Gamut 4 colourspace and ARRI LogC4 log encodings.

    • Recommendation ITU-T H.273 code points for video signal type identification.

  • colour.temperature.uv_to_CCT_Ohno2013 definition is ~100x faster.

  • colour.temperature.CCT_to_uv_Ohno2013 definition is ~425x faster.

Please take a look at the releases page more information.


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