Colour 0.3.8 is available!

Colour 0.3.8 is available!

More than 7 months in the making, this release introduces substantial backward incompatible changes:

  • Spectral computations are adopting practise ASTM E2022–11 and ASTM E308–15 methods to compute tristimulus values from spectral data.

  • D50 and D65 illuminants chromaticity coordinates have been rounded to 4 decimals to conform better with what most RGB colourspace specifications adopt.

  • The RGB colourspace transfer functions implementation has been overhauled in order to be easily extended in the future.

  • SciPy is now a requirement.

Please carefully refer to the releases page Changes section.

Highlights of this release are:

  • Spectral to tristimulus values computations using ASTM E2022–11 and ASTM E308–15 methods.

  • Dominant and complementary wavelengths along colour and excitation purity computations.

  • Support for YCbCr and YcCbcCrc colour encodings.

  • Support for Hunter Lab and Hunter Rdab colour scales.

  • Support for BT.1886 EOTF and ST 2084 OETF / EOTF.

  • Support for RIMM, ROMM and ERIMM colour encodings.

A Jupyter Notebook is available to illustrate the expected computational differences. They should remain orders of magnitude under visual discrimination threshold however they will likely create computational discrepancies.

Colour - Demosaicing and Colour - HDRI packages have been updated accordingly.

Michael and I would like to thanks all the contributors for that release whether they contribute to the code or participate in discussions.

  • David Bourgeois

  • Luke Canavan

  • Sean Cooper

  • Nick Shaw

  • Ron024

  • Kevin Wheatley

Visit the releases page for complete details.


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