Colour 0.3.11 is available!

We are pleased to announce that Colour 0.3.11 is available!

Colour 0.3.11

This was a release long in the making. It is an an important milestone on The Road to Stable and it introduces many new features, changes and fixes. The highlights of this release are:

  • A new faster and more flexible spectral computations backend based on a continuous signal implementation.

  • A new documentation, rewritten with improved presentation and layout. The bibliography and cross-references have been fixed.

  • A deprecation system hinting the user on future API deprecations.

  • CAM16 colour appearance model from Li et al. (2017) with associated uniform colourspaces and colour differences.

  • A kernel interpolator that can use arbitrary user defined kernels.

  • Support for ITU-R BT.2100 transfer functions.

  • Support for SMPTE 240M transfer functions.

Please refer to the releases page for complete details.

Michael and I would like to thanks all the contributors and especially Nick Shaw for his contributions to that release.


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