colour.colorimetry.illuminants Module


Defines CIE illuminants computation related objects.

See also

Illuminants IPython Notebook colour.colorimetry.dataset.illuminants.d_illuminants_s_spds, colour.colorimetry.spectrum.SpectralPowerDistribution


Returns the relative spectral power distribution of given CIE Standard Illuminant D Series using given xy chromaticity coordinates.


[1]Wyszecki & Stiles, Color Science - Concepts and Methods Data and Formulae - Second Edition, Wiley Classics Library Edition, published 2000, ISBN-10: 0-471-39918-3, page 146.
[2] (Last accessed 5 April 2014)
Parameters:xy (array_like) – xy chromaticity coordinates.
Returns:CIE Standard Illuminant D Series relative spectral power distribution.
Return type:SpectralPowerDistribution


>>> D_illuminant_relative_spd((0.34567, 0.35850))  
<colour.colorimetry.spectrum.SpectralPowerDistribution object at 0x...>