Source code for colour.utilities.common

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

Common Utilities

Defines common utilities objects that don"t fall in any specific category.

from __future__ import division, unicode_literals

__author__ = 'Colour Developers'
__copyright__ = 'Copyright (C) 2013 - 2014 - Colour Developers'
__license__ = 'New BSD License -'
__maintainer__ = 'Colour Developers'
__email__ = ''
__status__ = 'Production'

__all__ = ['is_scipy_installed',

[docs]def is_scipy_installed(raise_exception=False): """ Returns if *scipy* is installed and available. Parameters ---------- raise_exception : bool Raise exception if *scipy* is unavailable. Returns ------- bool Is *scipy* installed. Raises ------ ImportError If *scipy* is not installed. """ try: # Importing *scipy* Api features used in *Colour*. import scipy.interpolate import scipy.ndimage import scipy.spatial return True except ImportError as error: if raise_exception: raise ImportError(('"scipy" or specific "scipy" Api features ' 'are not available: "{1}".').format(error)) return False
[docs]def is_string(data): """ Returns if given data is a *string_like* variable Parameters ---------- data : object Data to test. Returns ------- bool Is *string_like* variable. Examples -------- >>> is_string('I`m a string!') True >>> is_string(['I`m a string!']) False """ return True if isinstance(data, basestring) else False